Ed Millington

Front-end developer

About me

Hi! My name's Ed and I'm a front-end developer based in Christchurch, New Zealand. I love to build websites and apps that are beautiful, fast, accessible and standards-compliant.

Aside from writing and reviewing high-quality code, I believe that a good front-end developer should act as an advocate for the end user. That means prioritising elegant UI and intuitive UX solutions and ensuring that releases are usable on all devices, from screen-reader equipped desktops to mobile phones with spotty data connections.

Some of my favourite...

  • Languages: JavaScript / TypeScript, HTML, CSS / SCSS
  • Frameworks: Vue, React / React Native
  • CMSs: Wordpress, Silverstripe
  • SSGs: 11ty!
  • Tools: Vite, Parcel, Gulp, Docker
  • Methodologies: BEM, Functional JS, Agile

Work history

Between 2016 and 2022, I worked as a Senior Front-End Developer for TimeZoneOne, a full-service digital agency with offices in Chicago, IL and Christchurch, NZ.

I previously lived in London, UK, where I worked for Intohand, a mobile and web development agency, and before that MACK Books, an art and photography publishing house.

I have spent the last year living in Vancouver, Canada, and will return to New Zealand in December 2023. During my time in Canada I've worked part-time as a freelancer while also bringing up my daughter, who was born in March 2022.

I stay on top of accessibility by...


I joined my previous employer, TimeZoneOne, as an intermediate developer in 2016, progressing to senior level in 2019. During my there, I:

I make sure my sites are fast by...


When I'm not in front of a computer, you'll probably find me:

My claim to fame...

...is that I once composed the music for a BBC Radio 4 drama!